Rewards for Using Gas


    TokenTact – our platform is unique due to the use of gas, which ensures high-performance and continuous operation of AI bots.

    1. Using gas instead of traditional energy sources helps reduce the carbon footprint and supports environmental sustainability.

    2. We value long-term relationships with our users and are invested in your ongoing success in trading on our platform.

    Conditions for Receiving Payouts Starting from $200 per Month:

    1. Registration and Verification:
    To start receiving payouts, register on our platform and complete the verification process. This ensures security and compliance with our standards.

    2. Deposit Requirement:
    To participate in the payout program, you need to make a minimum deposit. This deposit will be your starting capital for trading and will activate the ability to receive payouts for using gas.

    3. Long-term Platform Use:
    Users who stay with us long-term and actively use the platform can receive additional bonuses or increased payouts.